When the global leader in the maintenance, repairs, and life extension of gas turbine engines came to Resourcive with the goal of achieving voice and network savings and optimization, we immediately began our data collection process and quickly turned around our proprietary Baseline Inventory audit.

Our initial findings in our Baseline Inventory verified the opportunity for considerable savings, including identifying almost $10k in spend on managed router services that were oversold by incumbent carrier. Additionally, the Baseline Inventory highlighted opportunity to consolidate services and vendors to gain economy of scale and greater global reach.​

In collaboration with IT and Procurement, Resourcive designed a new voice solution replacing a Cisco platform that was managed and provided by an MSP with higher licensing and maintenance costs. The new solution, amongst other features, fully integrates with Microsoft Teams while enabling global legacy services (where required for regulatory reasons) and put in place a global, centrally managed phone system that eliminated international long-distance charges. The vendor, with an NPS of 70, won a competitive bid resulting in a 43% spend reduction, with additional potential bottom-line impact should client choose to sell legacy Cisco hardware.​

From a network standpoint, the client’s priority was to create a solution to address their lack of centralized support, performance visibility, and billing while also reducing spend. The client and Resourcive determined a migration to SD-WAN was not necessary in the go-forward solution design based on the overall business strategy of migration to the cloud.
Ultimately, the client based their decision on the carrier they were most confident could service their global offices while maintaining a single vendor strategy. The resulting more robust network yielded 30% savings, with additional savings coming in year 2, as well as a consolidation of vendors.​*


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Client Testimonial

Our experience has been very positive thus far… The Resourcive team has been very organized, and we really appreciate the pace and the clarity your team has provided during the discovery process. We feel the team has listened to our IT team and have been good at showing your expertise in this space. I know that the IT team is happy when I didn’t get any pushback when I suggested we increase the scope to wireless today… Let’s keep up the positive momentum and continue to expand the scope with additional projects.

-Director,  Global Sourcing

Resourcive Case Study - Aerospace

*Projected savings, implementation ongoing.