Resourcive's Persistent Value Creation Model in Action


One thing we talk about a lot around here is the ongoing account management support we provide to clients following our initial engagement. We truly operate as an extension of your team, augmenting your efforts, saving you time and money.

This case study is a great example of this, broken down into two projects.

Our initial project was a classic voice/date play, replacing legacy infrastructure with new technology resulting in significant savings and improved performance. These savings came in at 26% which translated to $242k in annualized savings.

The second project spans years of ongoing account support. This encompasses

supporting new circuits installation, advisory, vendor negotiation, and in this case we led an investigation into a geo-redundancy failure by the existing vendor. While these efforts can be hard to quantify, over 1,000 hours of no-cost support is meaningful and significant.

Below is a "Thank You" note to our Implementation Manger from their Director of Infrastructure.

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for all your assistance with [client] phone projects. This takes tremendous effort, patience, understanding, and persistence with these vendors.

None of which we could accomplish without someone as diligent and awesome as yourself. I greatly appreciate all that you and the entire Resourcive team do to support us here at [client].

-Director of Infrastructure

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