Resourcive Supports Enterprise Organization Become a Virtual Company with Zero Footprint


Resourcive was introduced to newly placed CIO in 2022 by [PE Firm] to support IT transformation and cost savings initiatives. The first initiative Resourcive engaged with [Client] on was a cloud migration strategy to get the company “out of the data center business”, reduce their technical debt, and become a virtual company with zero footprint.

The three primary business drivers of this cloud migration strategy centered around savings, scalability, and risk reduction. Legacy on-premise infrastructure being supported by a 3rd party MSP inherited by [CIO] and his team was expensive, had serious downtime concerns, and was not setup to quickly adapt to changes in the business such as M&A or scale efficiently overtime. 

Resourcive and the [Client] team, led by their Director of IT Operations, selected a private cloud provider, [Vendor], to quickly gain the benefits of “cloud” and realize $435k in annualized hard cost savings on their infrastructure spend. In addition, this solution was supported financially through cost avoidance around staffing and related capacity needed to maintain hardware internally.

In addition to the cost savings, a private cloud solution allows the [Client] infrastructure team to react, build out environments, and get to a place where they can begin to optimize their application layer and start to drive the business forward further up the stack. This near infinite scalability also drastically reduces their time to integrate new acquisitions (from minimum six months to days) and provides flexibility for the team to refactor legacy applications, retool resources, and embark on a multi-cloud journey. 

From a risk reduction perspective, their legacy infrastructure exposed the company to significant downtime should hardware fail as it lacked sufficient redundancy that could run for an extended period of time. Shifting their infrastructure to [Vendor] and enabling their Disaster Recovery services eliminates this risk and immediately provides the business with an appropriate level of redundancy to ensure uptime for critical business applications.

Overall, Resourcive was able to deliver [Client] support in transitioning to a more cost effective, scalable, and robust infrastructure to support their larger business objectives of growth and operational efficiency. 

The private cloud model which Resourcive sourced through [Vendor] is an effective way for companies with legacy infrastructure to quickly realize benefits of “cloud” while also giving IT leaders time and space to develop a longer-term multi-cloud strategy to optimally deploy their applications and run their business in the digital world necessary to compete and win in the marketplace.

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Having had many years of experience with managing IT infrastructure in large environments, I was confident that migrating our existing legacy on-prem and colocation model to private cloud provider, would allow us to achieve those goals.  

Resourcive’s support throughout the process enabled me and my team to delegate tasks that would have taken us much more time to complete on our own. The Resourcive team helped us identify right fit providers and supported our executive team to generate financial models illustrating the benefits of the new solution. 

This solution will allow [Client] to optimize the delivery of IT services across our organization in a secure, reliable, and exponentially scalable way. Having the ability to eliminate tech debt and focus on creating true business value from IT is another huge benefit. I know that we will be well positioned to effectively manage future growth.

Director of IT Operations

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