Resourcive Cyber Security Case Study

Sources MDR Solution at 55% Off List Price

Following a merger in 2021 between a leading U.S. -based distributor and value-added service provider of specialty ingredients with a leading global distributor of high-quality flavor and fragrance ingredients and compounds, Resourcive engaged with the new company to holistically review their IT and technology spend.

Upon the successful completion of a corporate mobility project, [Client] sought the expertise of Resourcive's Cyber Security practice to explore Managed Detection & Response (MDR) platforms to enhance the security posture of the newly merged company.

[Client] possessed a pre-existing endpoint detection platform, yet lacked the ability to consolidate log management or provide round-the-clock response and remediation capabilities. Furthermore, the self-managed nature of the endpoint detection platform posed challenges for internal management, often resulting in "alert fatigue" as internal IT resources were redirected to handle security-related tasks.

Although the newly merged company had the necessary scale to justify a complete Security Operations Center (SOC), they acknowledged that the difficulties and expenses associated with recruiting, staffing, and retaining skilled security professionals were too burdensome.

Resourcive collaborated closely with [Client] to develop customized business requirements, encompassing the management and deployment of two distinct environments (with separate infrastructures), support for the existing technology stack, and the delivery of a comprehensive managed solution capable of monitoring and promptly responding to security events.

With Resourcive's extensive knowledge of the market, deep subject matter expertise, and diverse portfolio of providers, they swiftly identified 15 top-tier vendors capable of fulfilling [Client]'s requirements. Through close collaboration with Resourcive's team, [Client] confidently narrowed down the selection to four MDR providers, initiating a robust and highly competitive vendor selection process that greatly benefited [Client]'s business.

Ultimately, [Client] was able to secure an impressive volume discount of 55% off the list price. This discount far surpassed what would have been possible if [Client] had pursued the solution independently, considering their decision to maintain separate IT infrastructure environments. Resourcive's guidance and expertise allowed [Client] to achieve significant cost savings while still meeting their unique needs.



Following contract execution, Resourcive continues to provide comprehensive support to [Client] in implementing the new solution. Our dedicated implementation team provides project management support and acts as a liaison between the MDR provider's pre-sales and account executive teams, making certain that the solution is effectively implemented and fully functional according to agreed-upon terms and conditions.



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MDR Case Study - Project Summary



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