Resourcive Announces Upgrade to Baseline Inventory System


New York, NY, March 11, 2022 – Resourcive, a leading consultancy in the strategic sourcing of IT services and solutions, announced an upgrade to their proprietary baseline inventory system to normalize their client's inventory data faster, while simultaneously giving additional insights to enable greater visibility for their clients.

Already a leader in the market with their audit and baseline inventory process, Resourcive continues to invest in their people and procedures to increase their ability to accelerate time to impact on their engagements.

"One of our core values at Resourcive is that we are a team of learners, striving to innovate and transform our capabilities and by extension our client's environment," said Kyle Hall, President and Lead Consultant. "This is just an example of one of the ways our team lives up to this each and every day. The impact this will have on our clients and the PE Firms that own them is that it allows the project team to more quickly synthesize the data we use to enable executive stakeholders to make well informed decisions and create more value, faster, and with more certainty."

"We constantly listen to how our customers and decision makers need to review their spend, and implement improvements into our systems and processes to make the large amounts of data digestible and understandable," said Michael Arnold, Senior Consultant and primary contributor to the enhancements. "Our normalization processes allow us to excel in an industry where uniqueness and nuance between vendors can otherwise stifle customers when making comparisons and ultimatley being able to make timely decisions."


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About Resourcive

Resourcive is the leading consultancy in strategic sourcing of IT and telecom solutions, functioning as a trusted advisor to our clients and delivering on their desired business outcomes. Founded in 2001, Resourcive partners with the largest private equity firms in the world to advise their mid-market and enterprise portfolio companies in transforming their IT, cloud, telecommunications, and security capabilities with a focus on achieving and maintaining fiscal and operational excellence.