Resourcive Supports Specialty Healthcare Roll-Up Deploy Scalable Solutions to Enable Growth

In 2022, Resourcive was introduced to the VP of IT of a Specialty Healthcare practice by a middle-market Private Equity Operating Partner. At the time of the introduction, the oral specialist was experiencing rapid growth via M&A. 

Resourcive engaged the company with approximately 750 employees and 70 locations and was looking to streamline and optimize their voice platform to meet current requirements and future demands.

Immediately, Resourcive was able to solve for the lack of visibility into their spend and provide a comprehensive baseline inventory to find areas of opportunity. The unification of their disparate voice network was a clear path to savings and business impact. 

Throughout the engagement the company grew from 70 to 90 locations and 700 to over 1,000 employees highlighting the importance of sourcing a unified voice solution that was scalable, cost optimized, and eased the burden on the IT team to onboard new users and locations.

In relation to their baselined spend at the start of the engagement, the new solution saved the portfolio company over 35% but also locked-in discounted pricing for new user growth. Additionally, Resourcive was also able to secure a free hardware refresh of over 750 phones.
Ultimately, the specialty healthcare practice is now better equipped to execute on their growth roadmap, integrate new practices, and procure a best-in-class CCaaS solution.  

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