Whitepaper: MPLS, SD-WAN, and SASE



Executive Summary

The WAN is the backbone of the business. It ties together the remote locations, headquarters and data centers into an integrated network. Yet, the role of the WAN has evolved in recent years. Beyond physical locations, we now need to provide optimized and secure access to cloud-based resources for a global and mobile workforce. The existing WAN optimization and security solutions, designed for physical locations and point-to-point architectures, are stretched to support this transformation.

This paper discusses the different connectivity, optimization and security options that are needed when building a network for the digital business. A new architecture is needed, one that addresses the dynamics of cloud and mobility.

Both are new to the WAN that traditionally only connected remote offices and other business locations to the applications and resources hosted in the company's datacenter. Let's take a look at how the WAN is evolving.

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